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Canning Ephemera

Image Barcode Number Description
33536001671951 Freddie the Fox Golden Sweet Corn – Fox Foods, Queen Anne, MD
33536001671969 Robbins Tomato Juice – Andrews and Drawbridge, Maryland
33536001672017 Homedale Golden Sweet Corn – Pen Mutual Grocery Co., Philadelphia, PA
33536001672025 Isaacs' Farm Lima Beans – John S. Isaacs, Ellendale, DE
33536001672934 Pride of the Field Tomatoes – Leonard A. Simmons, Madison, MD
33536001673056 Phillips Delicious Tomatoes – Phillips Packing Co., Cambridge, MD
33536001672991 Dairy Brand Tomatoes – Henry W. Roberts, Salisbury, MD
33536001673239 King's Quality Tomatoes – King's Creek Canning Co., Princess Anne, MD
33536001673171 Tu-Wills Brand Tomatoes – W.F. Jones, Wingate, MD
33536001672942 Lark Brand Tomatoes – Albert Webb, Vienna, MD
33536001696156 H. Q. A. Brand Lima Beans – Hillsboro Queen Anne Cooperative
33536001696214 Premiere Brand Tomato Sauce – Hurlock Food Processors
33536001696289 Preston Brand White Lima Beans – distributed by: Albert W. Sisk & Son
33536001696107 Queen Anne Brand Peas – Easton Canning Corporation
33536001696164 Golden Maize Sweetened Field Corn – Talbot Canning Corporation
33536001696222 Cordova Brand Peas – Talbot Packing & Preserving Co.
33536001696271 Le Grande Brand Peas – Talbot Packing & Preserving Co.
33536001696099 Pride of Hillsboro Tomatoes – Easton Canning Coporation
33536001665227 Chas T. Wrightson Packer of Fruits and Vegetables.  Easton, Maryland
33536001665326 J. A. Baker
33536001665177 Easton--The Heart of the Tomato Belt Label
33536001665169 Easton Wholesale Grocery Co. Easton, Maryland
33536001665151 Wissahickon Brand Tomato Pulp, Federalsburg, Maryland
33536001665318 Defender Brand Tomatoes, Trappe, Maryland
33536001673114 Defender Brand Tomatoes – Defender Packing Co., Trappe, MD
33536001638307* Soughtafter Brand Tomatoes, Easton, Maryland+
33536001638364* Talbot Brand Peaches, Packed by W. A. Kirby, Trappe, Maryland+
33536002978736 Barbara Fritchie Peas, Jenkins Food Corp., Frederick, MD 21701
33536002978678 My-T-Nice Early Peas, Jenkins Food Corp., Frederick, MD 21701
33536002979023 Swing Sweet Peas, D. Thompson Swing, Inc., Price, MD 21656
33536002978967 Swing Sweet Corn, D. Thompson Swing, Inc., Price, MD 21656

* Indicates that the material is stored in the map case in the ephemera drawer.

+ Indicates that the image on this site has been altered using an image editing program. Missing sections and tears were "repaired".