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Cathedral of St. Peter, Baptisms, Marriages, 8/1796 to 4/1834 (includes St. Mary of the Assumption, Coffee Run, 1804-1834), Baptisms 5/1829 to 6/1907, Confirmations 8/1830-10/1849.


Cathedral of St. Peter, Baptisms from 6/1907, Marriages 5/1829 to 4/1910


Cathedral of St. Peter, Marriages from 5/1908, Interments 1849-1853, Confirmations from 1869.


Cathedral of St. Peter, 1st Comm. from 1833, Trustees Minutes 1845-1900; Christ Our King, Marriages from 9/1926; Sacred Heart, Baptisms from 6/1875, Transcripts 1875-1910.


Sacred Heart, Bapt. Transcripts from 1911, Marriages, Other; St. Ann (was St. James), Baptisms & Marriages 1870-1890.


St. Ann, Bapt. Transcripts, Bapt. and Marr. from 1890; Deaths.


St. Ann, Confirmations from 1891, First Comm. from 1901; see also 1845819, below.; St. Anthony, Marriages 12/1924-6/1960.


St. Anthony, Marriages from 6/1960; St. Elizabeth, Baptisms & Marriages from 5/1908.


St. Hedwig, Baptisms from 1/1891.


St. Hedwig, Marriages and Deaths.


St. Hedwig, Confirmations & First Communions; St. Joseph, from 10/1889; Blessed Sacrament Mission, 1937-42; see also 1760318, 22E-1, at end of list; St. Mary of the Immac. Concept., Baptisms 8/1857-1882.


St. Mary of the Immac. Concept., Baptisms 1883-1912; see also 1819985, and 1845818, items 11 & 12, below.


St. Mary of the Immac. Concept., Baptisms from 1913, Marriages from 12/1857, Deaths and Confirmations.


St. Patrick, Baptisms from 7/1881 (1st book is item #2), Marriages 8/1881-5/1942.


St. Patrick, Marriages from 5/1945, Confirmations & Deaths; St. Paul, Baptisms 12/1869-10/1912.


St. Paul, Baptisms from 10-1912, Marriages from 5/1870.


St. Paul, Deaths, Confirmations, First Communions.


St. Stanislaus Kostka, from 9/1916. St. Thomas, Baptisms from 1/1904


St. Thomas, Marriages from 4/1904. Bishops's Own Chapel, 1902-1943.
[Parish Cemeteries, New Castle County DE & Cecil County, MD]


Parish Cemeteries: St. Joseph, Greenville, Del., Plans and Index Cards; St. Francis Xavier, Bohemia (Warwick), Md., Annotated Plan; St. Peter, New Castle, Del., Plan and Records; Immaculate Conception, Elkton, Md., Plan and Index.
[Suburban New Castle County DE]


St. Helena, Bellefonte, from 1/1937; Holy Rosary, Claymont, from 6/1922; St. Joseph on the Brandywine, Greenville, Baptisms and Marriages from 9/1846, Interments, Confirmations to 1889.


St. Joseph, Greenville, Confirmations from 1895, First Comm.; Immaculate Heart of Mary, Liftwood, from 2/1957; St. Mary Magdalen, Sharpley, from 1/1952; Corpus Christi, Elsmere, from 2/1949; St. John the Evangelist, Hockessin (St. Patrick, Ashland, 1880- 1887; St. Mary of the Assumption, Hockessin, since 1965), Baptisms, Marriages, Confirmations from 1887, Burials 1940-1958, First Communions to 1958.
[Suburban New Castle County DE and Cecil County MD]


St. John the Evangelist, Hockessin, Interments 1894-1940, Deaths and First Communions from 1958; St. Catherine of Sienna, Price's Corner, from 4/1961; St. John the Beloved, Sherwood Park, from 11/1956; St. Joseph, Middletown (St. Francis Xavier ["Old Bohemia"], Warwick, Md., 1704-1908), from 1750; St. John the Baptist-Holy Angels, Newark, from 6/1891.


Immaculate Conception, Elkton MD, Baptisms, Baptism Transcripts, Marriages from 7/1856.


Immaculate Conception, Elkton Cecil Co MD, Interments; Good Shepherd, Perryville MD, (St. Teresa, Port Deposit MD,1866-1949), from 1867; Our Mother of Mercy, Belvedere, from 7/1930; St. Paul, Delaware City, from 1/1855; Holy Spirit, Garfield Park, from 9/1954.
[Suburban New Castle County DE]


St. Peter, New Castle, Baptisms, Marriages, Confirmations,Deaths from 5/1845.


St. Peter, New Castle, First Communions from 1905; Our Lady of Fatima, Wilmington Manor, from 1949; St. Matthew, Woodcrest, from 8/1941.
[Kent County DE and MD Eastern Shore Counties]


Holy Cross, Dover, Kent Co DE, Deaths, Marriages, Confirmations 1870-1879; St. Dennis, Galena, Kent Co MD, 1856-1876; see also 1845817, below; St. Joseph, Cordova, Talbot Co MD (Mission of SS. Peter & Paul, Easton, since 1901), Baptisms & Marriages 1803-1878, Deaths 1803-1888.


St. Rose Missiom, Chesapeake City, Cecil Co MD, Cemetery Records; Holy Cross, Dover, from 2/1869, Cemetery Records.
[Kent and Sussex Counties DE]


St. Bernadette Mission, Harrington, Kent Co DE, from 2/1954; St. John the Apostle, Milford, Sussex Co DE, from 2/1911; St. Polycarp, Smyrna, Kent Co DE, (St. Joseph, Clayton, 1898-1967), from 1/1914; St. Michael the Archange, Georgetown, Sussex Co DE, from 8/1957; St. Edmond, Rehoboth Beach, Sussex Co DE, from 6/1952; Our Lady of Lourdes, Seaford, Sussex Co DE, from 2/1945.
[Maryland Eastern Shore Counties]


St. Francis de Sales, Salisbury, Wicomico Co MD, from 5/1910; Holy Name of Jesus, Pcomoke City, Somerset Co MD, from 6/1952; St. Elizabeth Mission, Denton, Caroline Co MD, from 1/1841; Immaculate Conception, Marydel, Caroline Co MD, from 7/1920; St. Benedict, Ridgely, Caroline Co MD, from 11/1888.


St. Mary Refuge of Sinners, Cambridge, Dorchester Co MD, from 7/1902; Sacred Heart, Chestertown, Kent Co MD, from 2/1947; St. Dennis, Galena, Kent Co MD, from 11/1876, Cemetery Plan.


Our Mother of Sorrows, Centreville, Queen Annes Co MD, (St. Peter, Queenstown,1871-1898) from 4/1871; see also St. Joseph Mission, Cordova, 1822525, above. St. Christopher, Chester (Kent Island), Queen Annes Co MD, from 6/1954; SS. Peter and Paul, Easton, Talbot Co MD, (started at St. Mary Star of the Sea Mission, Golden Hill), from 4/1869.
[City of Wilmington]
St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception, original Baptisms 1895-1912 (photocopied and retired ca 1940); 1st Communions from 1942.


St. Ann, Burials 1934-1965, 1st Communions and Confirmations from 1901.
[Indexed Transcripts by Rev. Edward B. Carley From Pre-1868 Registers]


St. Joseph, Cordova, Md., Baptisms 1760-1878; St. Francis Xavier, Bohemia (Warwick), Md., Baptisms 1750-1868; St. Peter, Wilmington, Del., Baptisms 1795-1834; St. Peter, New Castle, Del., Baptisms 1845-1866; St. Dennis, Galena, Md., Baptisms 1856-1876; St. Joseph, Cordova, Md., Deaths, Confirm., 1st Comm., 1787-1888; St. Peter, Wilmington, Del., Marriages 1797-1834; St. Joseph, Cordova, Md., Marriages 1847-1860; St. Francis Xavier, Bohemia, Md., Marriages 1775-1874.
[City of Wilmington]


St. Joseph, Wilmington, Marriages 1890-1931 (from 1959 film);
[Accomack and Northampton Counties, VA (in Diocese of Richmond since 1974)]
St. Charles, Cape Charles, Northampton Co, VA from 1890 (from 1959 film); St. Peter, Onley (Onancock), Accomack Co, VA from 1943 (from 1959 film).


Baptisms After 1920, Subject to 72-Year Restriction on Access (23 Rolls) Baptisms between 1921 and 1960 were filmed in four ten-year increments. Each ten-year increment will be released for unrestricted use 72 years after its closing year, coinciding with release of the U.S. Census schedules for the same year.

Copies of the restricted access films are held by the Delaware State Archives, the Historical Society of Delaware, and, for parishes in the nine Maryland Eastern Shore counties, by the Maryland State Archives. Each of those repositories has forms by which researchers may request permission from the parish having custody of the original register to search for members of their own families, after agreeing to conditions designed to protect the privacy of others listed in the records. Permission may be extended to an agent of the family member who agrees to the same conditions.

Parish Registers Microfilmed 1991-92 by Genealogical Society of Utah Available through the LDS Family History Library and Family History Centers Baptisms Through 1920, Marriage and Other Registers Through 1960 (35 Rolls) Film Number Reel Title [City of Wilmington]