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James Clayland Mullikin Papers

Manuscript Box 57

This box consists of typed newspaper abstracts and typed manuscripts on various historical topics within Talbot Talbot County, such as the schools, Churches, etc. that Mullikin categorized and put into folders.

Barcode Folder Title Description
33536001644958 Talbot County History-Schools Typed abstracts on the schools of Talbot County. Especially of note is an abstract of Dr. Harrison's newspaper article on entitled "The Schools of Talbot." Focus is on Quakers Schools and the Easton Academy.
33536001645161 Talbot County History-Diocese of Easton Typed abstracts of vestry books, newspaper clippings all having to with the Espicopal Church of Easton.
33536001645153 Talbot County History-Entertainment Typed abstracts having to do with entertainment in the 18th and 19th century Talbot.
33536001645062 Trappe, Maryland I Typed abstracts and newspaper clippings on Trappe, Maryland.
33536001645054 Trappe, Maryland II Typed abstracts and newspaper clippings on Trappe, Maryland.
33536001645039 Trappe, Maryland III Typed manuscript on the town of Trappe, written by Mullikin.
33536001645096 Talbot County History-Libraries Typed abstracts and newspaper clippings relevant to the history of the Talbot County Free Library.
33536001645005 Eastern Shore Railroads Typed abstracts and newspaper clippings on the developmental history of the Eastern Shore Railroads.
33536001645047 Oxford, Maryland Typed manuscript on Oxford, Maryland and newspaper clippings.
33536001645146 Talbot County History-Methodist Typed abstracts of newspaper clippings on the religion of Metodism in Talbot County.
33536001645013 Easton Fire Department Typed manuscript. This was manuscript was published and a circulating and non-circulating copy are available in the library.
33536001645021 Talbot County Towns Newspaper clippings on the towns of Talbot County and their histories, compiled from newspaper articles.
33536001645112 Talbot County History-Postal Service Typed and hand written abstracts of newspaper clippings on the postal service in Talbot County.
33536001645088 Talbot County History-Indians Typed manuscript of a series of articles that appeared in the Star Democrat in 1935. Newspaper clippings of the articles.
33536001645070 Easton History Typed uncompleted manuscript on the history of Easton, includes preface and beginning of Chapter one.