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William G. Bodenstein Collection

Manuscript collection number: 44, 1 Box

Accessioned: Gift of the Author's Family

Access: Open for Research

Processed: Mary Casserly

Date: April 2022

William G. Bodenstein (11/24/1913 - 5/6/1996) was an entomologist who retired to the Eastern Shore and lived in Royal Oak, Maryland. He had an avid interest in history and was an active member of the Talbot Historical Society. He was a co-author of, and photographer for, Talbot County, Maryland: Survey of Vernacular Structures published by the Maryland Historical Trust in 1989, a contributor to Talbot Street Historical Area St. Michael, Maryland (1987), and his photographs appear in Historic St. Michaels, An architectural History (1996). He authored “St. Michaels, Maryland: An 18th Century Speculative Development,” Maryland Historical Magazine: 80(Fall 1985) p. 228 - 239. The bulk of the materials in this collection are research notes and copies of primary source materials from such sources as Talbot County Maryland Land Records, Maryland Calendar of Wills, and Proceedings of the Provincial Court of Maryland that he assembled relating to the origins and establishment of the towns in and around Talbot County, Maryland. Most of Bodenstein's research focused on the 17th and 18th Centuries. (1 box)

Folder Title Barcode
Folder 1 Finding Aid 33536004153064
Folder 2 Jordan's Hill 33536004153072
Research notes and copies of documents tracing the establishment and ownership of Jordan's Hill and adjacent areas. Place names found in this folder include: Jordan's Hill, Dover, Dover Ferry, Upper Dover, the Addition, and Acton.
Folder 3 Dover 33536004153080
Folder 4 Dover 33536004153098
Folder 5 Dover 33536004153106
Research notes and copies of documents regarding land ownership in and around Dover. Includes some typewritten pages of a manuscript on the "lost" or "ancient" town of Dover. Place names found in these folders include: Dover, Dover Marsh, Richmond, Richmond Addition, Fishburne's Neglect, and Lower Dover.
Folder 6 Correspondence 33536004151738
Letter from George R. Delgado to William Bodenstein describing Delgado's research on the history of the XX Air Force.
Folder 7 Ferries 33536004153114
Notes and research on ferries at Barker's Landing, Acton, and Richardson's Landing.
Folder 8 Plaindealing 33536004151688
Research notes and copies of records and maps regarding land grants for the Plaindealing area. Place names found in this folder include: Cabin Neck, Clays Hope, Old Woman's Folly, and Wyatt's Fortune.
Folder 9 Actons Addition 33536004151696
Notes on the establishment of Actons Addition, which is also referred to as Acton's Addition and The Addition. Place names found in this folder include Actons Addition, Jordan Hill, Dickenson's Plains, Chance, Middle Land, Lowe's Rambles.
Folder 10 Troth's Fortune 33536004151704
Notes and copies of documents tracing the history and establishment of Troth's Fortune. Includes copies of newspaper articles describing a 1682 incident that lead to "America's First Prohibition Proclamation," and a 1994 letter from Ernest Troth that suggests that Bodenstein had written a draft of an article about Troth's Fortune. That draft is not included in this collection. Place names found in the folder include Troth Farm, Acton, Cabin Creek, and Gooderidge's Choice.
Folder 11 White Marshes 33536004151712
Notes related to the history and establishment of White Marshes, also known as The White Marshes, Rich Farm and Turkey Neck.
Folder 12 Benoni's Point 33536004151720
Notes and research on the clash between the crew of the privateer schooner Spitfire and the Talbot militia under Major Jeremiah Banning, November 7-9, 1790.
Folder 13 Kuhner Engine Plant 33536004151746
Notes on the sale of the Kuhner Engine plant located in Oxford to George M. Wingard in 1914.
Folder 14 Oxford 33536004151753
Folder 15 Oxford 33536004151761
Folder 16 Oxford 33536004151779
Notes on the ownership of commercial and residential property in Oxford from the mid-1700s to the 1980s. Survey and street maps of Oxford. Proof sheet of photos of houses in Oxford taken by Bodenstein.
Folder 17 Anthony Richardson & Anthony Bacon 33536004151787
Research on debts owed by and to these individuals in the mid-1700s.
Folder 18 William H. Valliant 33536004151795
Copies of deeds dated 1935 and 1941 filed by William H. Boyce and Florence M. Morgan for land in Oxford formerly owned by William H. Valliant. Includes copies of a 1907 street map of Oxford.
Folder 19 Wye Mills 33536004151803
Copies of maps of Wye Mills and of an 1810 newspaper sale notice regarding the sale of land on the Wye River by Edward Harris.
Folder 20 St. Michaels Fresh Runn 33536004151811
Copy of a 1664 certificate of survey for St. Michaels Fresh Runn (also known as St. Michaels Fresh Runs) owned by Andrew Skinner and copies of land survey maps.
Folder 21 Miscellaneous 33536004151829
Copies of newspaper articles re: Talbot area graduations, transparencies of maps, photographic negatives and other.
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