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Dandridge Genealogy and Family History Notes and Papers, 1812-1960

Working papers, charts, genealogical and historical notes and correspondence on the Buchanan, Custis, Dandridge, DuPont, Edmonson, Jones, Kenner, Laird, Lawson, Pendleton, Rogers, Taylor, Wood and Crook Families. The papers occassionaly included original correspondence or notices of the subjects-notably relating to Colonel W. W. Bliss (d. 1853), his widow Mrs. M. E. Bliss and her second husband, Colonel Philip P. Dandridge of Virginia, especially relating to the civil war and to properties in Baltimore of the Rogers family. Also of interest are papers relating to military medals of Zachary Taylor and Colonel Bliss, and a funeral oration of General J. M. Ligan by Mr. Custis of Arlington.

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Barcode Number Folder Title Description/Notes
33536001643414 Buchanon Buchanon family tree, notes, Maryland Gazette Abstracts concerning the Buchanon family.
33536001643422 Crooke Family of Rhode Island Crooke family tree from 1737-1881
33536001643430 Custis Custis family tree from John Parke Custis 1774 to Rebecca Webster 1861
33536001643463 Dandridge Dandridge family tree from 16-?1893
33536001643455 Dandridge Correspondence concerning the Bliss Medal and a photograph of the medal front and back
33536001643471 Dandridge Miscellaneous correspondence, ephemera items and newspaper clippings concerning the Dandridge family.
33536001643497 Edmonson Edmonson family tree from John Edmonson of Talbot County 1658 to 1871--includes genealogical information on the Leeds, Stevens, Pollard, Dickinson, Plater and Rogers families
33536001643505 Jones Jones family tree from 1673-1805
33536001643513 Kenner Kenner family tree from 1680-823
33536001643539 Laird Laird family genealogical notes
33536001643588 Lawson Lawson family tree from 1760-811
33536001643521 Pendleton Pendleton family tree from 1613-1829, Pendleton family book plate bearing a copy of the Pendleton coat of arms, and Pendleton family history written by Alsx R. Pendleton
33536001643596 Rogers Various Rogers family trees, family history notes, and correspondence 16-- to 18--
33536001643570 Rogers Formation, Inheritance and Alienation of "Druid Hill"  from M. L. family history owned by Mrs. Kirby Flower Smith daughter of Edmond Law Rogers undated.  This includes family tree and other notes concerning "Druid Hill"
33536001643612 Taylor Taylor family genealogy entitled Taylor (Partly from "The Old Tree" which was made between the years 1825 - 1827, by General James Taylor and other members of the family.  Later notes are by Mrs. Dandridge.
33536001643562 Taylor Papers relating to military medals of Zachary Taylor
33536001643547 Wood Notes on the Wood, Wickham, Crooke, Godfrey families.
33536001643448 Oration by Mr. Custis of Arlington for General James M. Lingan Oration by Mr. Custis of Arlington for General James M. Lingan.  This folder contains the orginal manuscript of the Oration by Mr. Custis and a print of the same dated 1812, Washington City.
33536001643604 Dandridge Correspondence Correspondence relating to Dandridge and associate families.
33536001643554 Ledger of Mrs. Betty Taylor Bliss Dandridge Ledger of Mrs. Betty Taylor Bliss Dandridge