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The Arthur J. Gutman Collection

The Gutman Collection constitutes the majority of the Maryland Room Map Collection. This collection consists of thirty two maps of Proprietary, Early Colonial and post-colonial Maryland. The collection was started by Arthur J. Gutman with their donation of Lord Baltimore's map of Maryland entitled Nova Terrae Mariae Tabula by John Ogilby dated 1671. This map was the oldest map that the library owned.

In the summer of 1999 Arthur J. Gutman donated three additional maps to the Maryland Room.  The map collection of the Maryland Room was starting to grow and a new focus on creating the most complete Maryland map collection on the Eastern Shore was undertaken as the library added additional books and maps to the overall Maryland Room Collection.

In November of 1999 Arthur J. Gutman donated their collection of Maryland Maps, twenty eight in all ranging in date from 1630 to 1855. The Talbot County Free Library's Maryland Room goal of creating the most complete collection of Maryland Maps was fulfilled by this donation.

The Arthur J. Gutman Collection is open for research by appointment with the Maryland Room Curator. A finding aid to the collection is provided in the table below. For information about a particular map please follow the appropriate link.

Date Title Author Library Bar Code
1628 Nova Virginiae Tabula Jansson, Johannes (publisher) 33536001634173
1631 Nova Virginiae Tabula * William Janszoon Blaeu 33536001634082
1633 Nova Virginiae Tabula * J. Hondius 33536001618499
1670-71 Nova Terrae-Mariae et Viginiae Tabula John Ogilby 33536001670151
1671 Nova Virginiae Tabula * John Ogilby 33536001634355
1675 Virginia and Maryland  John Speed 33536001634330
1676 A Map of Virginia and Maryland * John Speed 33536001634256
1700 A New Map of Virginia  R. Morden 33536001634116
1714 Virginia Marylandia et Carolina * Johann Baptist Homann 33536001634140
1719 Virginie (hand colored) Alain Manesson Mallet 33536001634090
1719 A New Map of Virginia, Maryland and the improved parts of Pennsylvania and New Jersey * Anonymus/Christopher Browne 33536001634207
1741 A New Map of Virginia and Maryland Herman Moll 33536001634322
1747 A New and Accurate Map of Virginia & Maryland Eman. Bowen 33536001634199
1748 Novelle Angleterre Nlle York, Nlle Jersey Pensilvanie Mariland et Virginie Robert de Vaugondy 33536001634215
1764 Carte de la Virginie Mari-land Jacques Nicolas Bellin 33536001634231
1769 A Map of that Part of America Charles Mason & Jeremiah Dixon 33536001634298
1778 Il Maryland, Il Jersey Meridionale, La Delaware * Antonio Zatta 33536001634314
1780 A new map of the province of Maryland in North America John Hinton 33536001634132
1782 Carte de la Virginie, du Maryland et de l'Etat de Delware Anonymous 33536001634124
1794 The State of Maryland Samuel Lewis 33536001634363
1795 Maryland (black and white) Scott 33536001634389
1795 Maryland   (hand-colored) Scott 33536001634157
1796 Map of the States of Maryland and Delaware J. Denison 33536001634074
1812 Maryland * Mattew Carey 33536001618481
1822 Maryland – Geographical, Historical, and Statistical Map of Maryland * Fielding Lucas, Jr. 33536001634066
1824 Maryland Antony Finley 33536001634249
1825 Maryland French edition of Lucas's 1822 Maryland * Fielding Lucas, Jr. 33536001634371
1833 New Map of Maryland and Delaware * Tanner, H.S. 33536001685894
1838 Maryland and Delaware G. W. Boyton 33536001634058
1844 A New Map of Maryland and Delaware Henry S. Tanner 33536001634264
1851 Neueste Karte von Maryland und Delaware * Joseph Myer (Publisher) 33536001634306
1855 Colton's Delaware and Maryland G.W. Colton 33536001634181

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